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Digital Marketing Tips for a 5G World

It’s been almost a decade since the last generation of mobile network technology—4G—was introduced. With its introduction, the landscape of digital media and mobile communication was forever changed. 4G technology brought us faster-than-ever download speeds, revolutionary video chat platforms, and a whole lot of cell phone apps. Now, with the development of 5G, it’s time to take those advancements another step forward. 

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How to Increase Your Search Engine Ranking

In competing with countless other sites on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP), getting yours to the top of the list is crucial if you want to be seen. Search engine optimization is an effective tool to organically promote your website and raise to the top of the page. Most users won’t venture far past the first handful of results provided by Google’s intricate ranking algorithm, so it’s vital that top marketers crack the code and use those algorithmic keys to your advantage. By following along with these simple recommendations, you can increase your SEO so that your website will move higher up on the first page of Google results.

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Strategies to Take Your Holiday Email Campaigns to the Next Level

Between the months of November and December--leading up to Black Friday and Christmas--consumer retail spending in the US takes a sharp increase. Businesses leverage these buying habits by targeting their target market through every possible platform: social media, magazine, television, and email. The latter of the group, Email marketing, is one of the most cost effective and easily trackable of all marketing techniques, making it a popular tactic for many marketers this season.

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What is Responsive Design & Why is it Important for Your Website?

As mobile devices become increasingly popular, it is vital that your business's website design can adapt to these platforms. This practice, known as responsive design, reconfigures the layout of your website or app for easy and aesthetic pleasure, no matter the size or shape of the screen.

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