8 Marketing Trends to Watch for in 2018

The new year marks the opportunity for a fresh start and a chance to think about stepping up your marketing game.

I’m sure you’re overwhelmed with your long list of To Dos and figuring out how to stay on top of the latest trends considering how quickly digital marketing changes. You may be thinking – which tactic is the most important? What should I invest the most money in? Will my investment be worth it? To help, we’ve listed our top eight trends to implement in the coming year.

1. Twitter will fall

While other social media platforms are growing, Twitter is not. Failing to grow its users in 2017, Twitter’s downfall could be attributed to the heavy focus on user acquisition instead of improvements to the platform, causing marketers to invest in Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Recently, the platform expanded the traditional 140 character count to 280 characters to re-gain users, but unfortunately failed to see any results. In fact, Twitter’s revenues have been in decline for three consecutive quarters now. This could be due to the trouble the platform has had in finding new users, attracting advertising and innovating new products.

2. Privacy protection will be key

From the DNC email hack to the Equifax breach, and other data breaches in 2017, consumers and marketers are re-thinking privacy protection.  Marketers will be implementing new ways to maximize privacy protection and data security in order to make consumers feel safe. In turn, consumers will begin to favor companies who protect their privacy.

3. Ad blockers will increase

While this may be good news for consumers, it’s not so much for advertisers. One example of this is that Google is working on a Chrome tool that mutes webpages so it won’t automatically play sound on videos (think video advertisements) until unmuted. As controls like this are added, marketers will need to stay focused on new marketing tactics to stay in front of consumers in different ways.

4. Other technologies will be created in its place

How to avoid ad blockers on the web? Switch to a different platform. Sites such as Youtube, Hulu and Amazon have always had built in ads and Netflix is now beginning to follow the trend. In 2017, the company Accenture began working on a product placement technology to address problems with ad-blocking software. Products will be scaled, placed and personalized and appear in related content. For instance, if you are researching skis and then turn on a Netflix movie, the same skis could appear in a crucial part of the movie.

5. Brands will invest more in Influencer marketing

More and more people are recognizing the power that influencers have. In 2018, more influencers will be used in company’s marketing strategies. 95% of marketers who currently are using influencer marketing in their strategy believe it’s effective and with such good results, only expect it to rise. Learn all about influencer marketing in our blog post.

6. Chatbots are on the rise

Already a common sight on many business websites, and it’s easy to see why: Chatbots are the easiest, fastest way to get answers to your questions. Forget looking for a number to call or having to email customer support. As chatbots are increasing in popularity, in 2018 we predict they’ll get better at using data to make personalized recommendations and also interact with users across multiple platforms.

7.  Live video will become a must

While live video is nothing new, it’s growing fast. With the option to live stream on social platforms such as Facebook, more and more business are creating videos in-house, even with limited resources.  The ‘less polished’ aspect feel of live video lets the advertiser authentically connect with their audience. In fact, Facebook’s algorithm pushes live videos to the top of your newsfeed, increasing your brand’s likelihood of organic views.

8.  Increase conversion rates with personalized and dynamic content

Website technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace. Companies will continue to improve conversion rates online with new website technology, such as tools to identify anonymous traffic to your website allowing for customized marketing follow up based on browsing activity. Or solutions that change website content, ads, or imagery by users based on their past website activity.  

Our goal at Traktek Partners is to always provide clients with the latest and most effective marketing strategies to increase traffic and leads. If you’d like to learn more about how we can help, please contact us.