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Innovative design, marketing strategy & technology solutions to help our clients Achieve measurable results.
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Digital Strategy

Leveraging the latest in Web Technologies & Best Practices, we design and deploy brand rich experiences that will bring your company, products & services to life.

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Search Engine, Website & Channel Analytics
  • Campaign Reporting

Digital Marketing

We identify revenue-generating opportunities and implement measurement technologies to ensure ongoing accountability and ROI on your marketing investments!

  • seo/sem
  • email marketing & list cleansing
  • Lead Generation

Design & Creative

Our Award-winning design team creates engaging communications that focus on your desired call to action, we work with you to understand the soul and essence of your brand in order to differentiate it from your competition.

  • Brand Identity Development
  • User Experience Design
  • Direct Mail & Print Collateral

User Experience

We start with the customers' needs and user goals, from flow charting user screens to fine tuning web site designs based on usability focus groups, we create digital experience that engage your customers and keep them coming back.

  • Website design and development
  • website accessibility compliance
  • Website Usability


We drill into your customer and channel data to turn analysis into business & marketing INSIGHTS. We identify revenue-generating campaigns & implement tracking and measurement to ensure ongoing accountability & ROI!

  • Website analytics
  • Website Identification & Tracking
  • Reporting


We transform marketing and technology infrastructure, customer databases, and marketing automation systems to drive revenue growth, profit, and customer satisfaction.

  • Website Development
  • Application Development
  • Customer Database & Segmentation
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Traktek is a digital marketing agency that specializes in web design and development, Marketing strategy, lead generation, seM & technology solutions to grow your brand, drive revenue & achieve your business goals.

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Meet The Team

We're not title conscious but we all do have our specializations. Working together we're potent and leave no rock unturned. Learn about the secrets to our sauce.
Meet The Team▷ ▷ ▷

Due to being incapacitated due to a medical event, I found myself needing some urgent help with my marketing. Our experience with Traktek has been stellar. After several months my health recovered but they were doing such a great job so we decided to stay with them.Our YoY sales jumped significantly by 92%. The team effort is great and I would highly recommend them.

Pieter DeJonge

The Traktek team is responsive, cool under fire, and know how to deliver great projects on limited resources in a rapidly changing landscape.

Jack Graham
Senior Interactive Producer

"Recent figures report that Tenerife is experiencing the largest increase in North American travelers in over five years. We couldn't be more pleased at the outcome and the opportunity to continue working with TrakTek Partners to increase the awareness of this beautiful destination"

Stephanie Wear Pintado
Director at Turismo de Tenerife

Traktek has been a valued partner to Holbrook Travel assisting us with everything from deploying a new, award-winning website, to providing valuable consulting advice on new technology projects. We have found them to extremely dedicated and organized. We enjoy working with Traktek and will continue to see their advice on future projects; thanks TrakTek!

Stephanie Kowacz

I have known Cyril and the team at Traktek Partner since Cyril founded the business. He and the team do fantastic work. They have a great ability to understand the customer needs and build solutions to that exceed the client's expectations. We used TrakTek to do several website redesign projects for our different organizations and would use them again in the future.

Frank Lallos
Senior Vice President

Traktek was a true partner on our website redesign projects -- from the discovery phase through launch -- they invested as heavily as we were in the quality and outcome of our sites. Cyril and his team went above and beyond, working odd hours, attending meetings that were out of scope, and squeezing in extra features.

StePHEN Kelly
Assistant Vice President, Digital Marketing

Cyril & Traktek are outstanding partners in performance marketing. In particular, their deep expertise with the travel and hospitality industry has been invaluable in minimizing on-boarding time and accelerating results. His team is flexible on client needs and adjusts his engagement strategy effectively, which in turn keeps costs reasonable. I am happy to recommend Cyril and Traktek for your next growth project or as an ongoing operational partner.

Jeremy Loeckler
Senior Director, Ecommerce and Digital Marketing

Traktek is a highly professional and innovative company that we have partnered with to improve our efficiencies in lead generation, conversion and brand awareness. We're happy to work with a world-class team to be a true partner in gaining market share.

Bill Spaeth
Director of Marketing

Within weeks after the launch of the new websites user engagement skyrocketed with almost double the amount of page visits on average and an 8% decrease in the bounce rate. Thanks to the Traktek team for a job well done.

Nalini Kaplan
Marketing Director, Engineering Anywhere, University of Colorado Boulder

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