Known for the world's best luxury cruises to Tahiti, French Polynesia, Fiji and South Pacific Cruises, Paul Gauguin Cruises has been working with Traktek for over 10 years on highly successful lead generation campaigns.

Landing page testing for the most effective results

Landing page testing has provided continual improvements to Paul Gauguin's SEM campaign. Over the year's we've tested everything from page layout to copy, imagery and videos. We've tested alternatives to mobile and desktop designs and promotional offers.

Successful remarketing ads

Using a combination of search and display remarketing ads, Traktek continues to optimize the remarketing campaigns using new offers, special offers, and seasonal promotions to decrease cost per lead and drive lead conversion rates.

Testing offers

Ongoing testing of promotional offers throughout different seasons and holidays has identified clear patterns in temporarily driving down cost per lead. We continue to evaluate new creative designs, imagery, and targeting criteria to optimize the program throughout the year.

Largest Source of Leads

The Requalification and SEM campaign resulted in over 50,000 leads generated, surpassing annual business goals. For 10 years, Traktek has been Paul Gauguin Cruises' search engine marketing agency of record (SEM) while the company expanded their fleet of cruise ships and new travel destinations.

Requalification Campaign

The requalification campaign included an email and direct mail survey sent to past travelers and current prospects to establish a way to qualify travelers for their next trip. The requalification campaign was effective in driving passenger occupancy and annual gains in revenue targets.

Facebook advertising

With the growing number of prospects using social media, Traktek tested the effectiveness of targeted Facebook advertisements throughout different periods of the year across different devices. We determined that while the cost per lead was lower the investments in Google Adwords were more effective due to a lower cost per acquisition/booking.

Recapture unsubscribes

Through user identification and browser online tracking technology, an opt-in campaign was implemented utilizing a website interstitial to increase Paul Gauguin Cruises' email marketing database cost effectively.

New Lead acquisition campaign

Dynamic messages that use compelling, aspirational imagery are used to capture new email addresses on the website for follow up promotional marketing activities.

Targeting past travelers

To drive loyalty marketing, past travelers are targeted through an interstitial on the Paul Gauguin Cruises website at the lowest cost per conversion.