Over the last 10 years, Traktek has served as a full service marketing agency for this leading tour operator specializing in deluxe river cruises, small ship cruises and land adventures.

Logo Discovery

Traktek designed several logo explorations using traditional red, white and blue colors and icons to represent patriotism for our military veterans.

Wordpress Micro-site

Due to infrastructure limitations and a tight turnaround required by the public relations agency, the Vantage Heroes microsite was designed and implemented in less than two week's time, developed using WordPress CMS and hosted on Pantheon.

Vantage Adventures BRand

The Vantage Adventures brand was conceptualized and brought to life in an effort to appeal to a younger, more adventurous audience. Branding consisted of a new logo, catalog, email marketing and website presence.

Find your perfect journey Online

The new design uses  strong imagery to highlight Vantage 'Journeys' to drive visitors to learn more about the trip details. Utilizing an intelligent yet simplified search, 'Find your Perfect Journey' search allows visitors to easily find trips based categories, dates and and regions from the Vantage homepage making it easier to find trips online.

New WishLIst Feature

The New Travel Wishlist Feature allows visitors to the website to 'favorite' trips that they are interested in which are then saved to their profile online. The wishlist functionality allows users to easily compare trips and send trip details to a friend.

Online Booking

Traktek designed a multi-step  booking form allowing customers to reserve their trip online. The summary provides a comprehensive display of all additional costs.

video Production & Editing

Our video production team conducted a 10-day shoot throughout Europe featuring key tourism sites, testimonials, and the new modern river cruise ship featuring larger cabins and common areas. Traktek provided storyboards, voice over and video editing with engaging music.

Media Library Management

Traktek performed a thorough evaluation of all photo and video assets to clean up images that were not high quality and the team reconciled stock images to ensure current image rights. We developed a new, intuitive library structure, renamed images to SEO friendly titles, and tagged them to be easier to find.

Customer Testimonials

Traktek built interview guides and captured powerful video customer testimonials representing different demographic customer segments and client diversity. Videos were edited to be 1-2 minutes in length and became one of Vantage's top digital lead sources.

Travel Agent Marketing Strategy

Traktek identified and prioritized a short list of travel agency networks that were interested in Vantage's growing portfolio of small ship cruise products and developed a commission structure to effectively compete with other adventure travel companies.

Travel Trade Education and Awareness campaign

An advertising and media plan was developed targeting luxury travel agencies consisting of the development of a travel agent university, virtual trade shows, email campaigns, and targeted media units on leading travel agent publications.

Requalification & Referral strategy

Using Traktek's proprietary user and browser identification tracking pixel, specific interests in destinations were identified and added to customer records on a daily basis to assist the call center team with relevant conversations and improved list targeting with email and direct mail campaigns.

Triggered emails

New triggered emails were designed and created to follow up with new leads and drive prospects to engage with video content, pricing information, and contact the Vantage call center for booking.

Dynamic content & Personalized messaging

Traktek provided a comprehensive email strategy consisting of personalized triggered email campaigns based on the user's site visit behavior with dynamic content and imagery targeting new leads, past travelers, single travelers, group leaders, and guests that were returning home.

Trade & Promotional 

Traktek evaluated email list rental opportunities and prioritized third-party email publishers to target a wider audience beyond Vantage's internal email file. Specific demographic and geographic segments were overlaid with lifestyle targeting to achieve email marketing results that exceeded goals.

Regional landing page Testing

By focusing the landing pages on the best selling Europe River Cruises and African Safaris products, the lead capture rate skyrocketed and resulted in a significant decrease in cost per new lead.

landing page example


A large portion of the Adwords budget was shifted to the development of a new remarketing campaign focused on a combination of branded keywords and popular tourism search keywords. New display ads were designed, created and tested.

Vantage remarketing example

Weekly Reporting & Optimization

Traktek implemented tracking codes on landing pages to quantify sales, monitored the campaign for competitive actions, adjusted bids and budgets to achieve target CPC and CPL, and generated comprehensive campaign reports including sales results on a weekly and monthly basis.