Traktek works closely with ToolsGroup, the innovators of “service-driven” supply chain planning software, on a branding, email marketing, and lead generation strategy.

Website Personalization

Utilizing BlueConic, Traktek outlined segments, designed banners, provided marketing strategy and implemented functionality for personalization on the website based on audience segment to drive an increase in leads.

Website Banners

Banners were displayed on the site to promote resources based on website visitor's audience segment. This quickly increased lead volume from the website.

PErsonalized Light boxes

Personalized light boxes were tested and displayed on the website to drive leads. Multiple variants included contact us 'abandonment' light box to engage users who visited Contact Us page, but did not fill out the contact form.

Lenticular Postcard

Traktek proposed multiple unique direct mail concepts including a 3D, lenticular postcard that was sent to capture attention of highly qualified leads and to re-engage ToolsGroup's inactive contacts. The postcard was successful in driving online traffic and increasing their list of active prospects.

Dimensional Print

The Next Generation Forecasting 'Cube' mailer was  an integrated marketing campaign to engage directly with highly qualified prospects. The campaign featured an email marketing campaign, sales folllow-up and a 3-dimensional cube which pops open from the envelope it was mailed within.

Integrated Direct mail & Digital Campaign

Traktek implemented an integrated campaign that included email marketing, direct mail and sales follow-up for the most effective results.