University of Colorado Boulder's team needed an agency to handle branding, lead generation and multiple websites to launch their online engineering program. Traktek fit the bill.

Audience based Navigation

Audience based navigation allows users to easily find content for their specific needs. University of Colorado Boulder has a variety of audiences which content specifically tailored to that audience.

Tile Based Designs

A tile based design was utilitized on the three engineering websites in order to highlight a variety of messages on the homepage. This approach also translates well into a mobile design. The tiles included imagery, video, social media highlights and calls to action.

Simplified Content management with related content

Developed with a relativity data model, the website was built to allow for easier content management. This allowed courses to be created once and related to pieces of content, such as the course catalog, schedules or the professors that teach that particular course. This vastly simplifies the way content is managed in the backend of the Drupal website.