Drupal 8 Release

As an integrated digital marketing & creative agency with expertise in building state of-art websites using Drupal, the Traktek team is excited for today’s Drupal 8 release! Thanks to the Drupal community for all of the hard work involved to make it happen.

Utilizing the Relativity Data Model, established by our own Drupal expert Jay Epstein, we develop with relational content types within the Drupal UI. This data model offers many benefits including improved, thought driven workflow, scalability, a streamlined user interface and simplified site maintenance. Additionally, it provides an easier transition to Drupal 8 for those sites we built in the past on previous versions of Drupal.

Learn about this data model on the Drupal Easy podcast where Jay was a special guest. He also presents regularly at Florida Drupal User Groups.  Jay is a co-organizer of the Broward County Users Group and is a mentor with the Drupal Career Starter Program.

Our team is celebrating today with Acquia in Boston and with the Florida Drupal User Group in Orlando. Cheers!