Form & Substance: Effective Email Call to Action (“CTA”) Buttons

Arguably, the goal of most email campaigns is to entice your recipients to click through the email and ultimately convert to a lead. While a well-planned subject line affects an email’s open rate, it’s the content within an email, and specifically the right Call to Action (“CTA”), that yields increased click-through rates.

Here are a few TrakTek Partners email CTA button best practices that you and your marketing team should consider when building out your next lead generating email:

  • Easily distinguishable CTA buttons:
  • Make the CTA button stand out from other aspects of the email (i.e. CTA button v. background color).
  • CTA button placement is critical to increasing click-through rates:
  • Place the CTA button “above the fold” to ensure its immediate visibility to recipients upon opening the email.
  • What the CTA button says is as important as how it looks:
  • Clear and concise language is essential.

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