GoPure Pod, Revolutionary Water Purifier, Now Available Online

Needham, MA – January 26, 2017- Traktek Partners, a Boston-based consulting and marketing agency, is pleased to announce that Bloc Enterprises’ GoPure Pod is now available for purchase online.

The GoPure pod is a convenient, reusable and revolutionary water purification device. The pod constantly cleans and enhances potable tap water for peace of mind and taste satisfaction everywhere you go.

The GoPure Pet, another new water purification product available for sale online from Bloc Enterprises, is a portable, dome-like structure housing the GoPure pod created specifically for pet drinking bowls.

Previously available for pre-order on, consumers are now able to purchase both GoPure and GoPure Pet directly through GoPure’s website -

Traktek Partners was engaged by Bloc Enterprises to assist in the launch of their new product with the creation of their ecommerce site to allow for sale of the products online. Previously, Bloc has been working with Traktek on crowdsource marketing, SEM to drive product sales and assisting with ongoing brand awareness efforts.

“GoPure Pod is a revolutionary product and we’re excited to help the Bloc team bring it to market”, comments Cyril Lemaire, Managing Partner at Traktek Partners. “The product resonates strongly to our core competence, the consumer travel audience, by fulfilling a need around having availability to safe water while traveling.”

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