Introducing Traktek’s New Creative Director

Traktek is so excited to have Matt Woolhouse join as our new Creative Director! Matt is an accomplished Creative UX and UI Designer with over 18 years of award-winning design and art direction. Having worked in both agency and in-house environments, he has extensive hands-on experience with digital, print, and brand marketing.

Can you tell us a little bit more about your previous roles?

While working with agencies like Digitas, Isobar, Puma and Wayfair, I've been able to develop and perfect a client centric and strategic approach. Some clients I've worked with include Adidas, Reebok, Virgin, GM, Time Warner, Fidelity, Earnest Young, PTC, Converse, and Putnam Investments. As my experience grew, so did my love for working in the world of advertising, brand marketing design, and ecommerce product design.

How did you end up in the creative field?

I knew at an early age that I loved anything that would keep my creativity curiosity, and that really hasn't changed over time. I think it's a vivid lens that that has brought clarity and
perspective to my life, and with that I have grown to learn that there is creativity in almost everything we do. For instance, you could just throw socks into a drawer or you can go the extra mile and organize them in a way that which they are easier to find and more appealing to look at. Apply this to the most important areas in your life and you will find that life becomes easier and thus, more fun.

Tell us about some brands you admire. What makes them stand out?

There are some brands that focus on functionality, but forget the human aspects, and some brands that focus on the visual brand but have forgotten about substance. In my opinion, good brands begin their focus with a the user problem, and end with a humanized solution. In turn this translates into a product that works well and is easy to use.

One of my favorite products is my Garmin Vivoactive Active 3. It's multisport watch that immerses you into layers of information about your run, bike ride, swim, ski, snowboard or kayak. Not only is it easy to navigate to your heartrate and gps info, but also (and more importantly), it's incredibly easy to use, and in turn more fun. Isn't this what most brands strive for?

What sparks your inspiration?

Possibilities. When I listen to our clients talk about current business problems, the door opens to several solutions. It's exciting to know that your creating something that makes a difference.

What are latest trends in creative systems and technology that you are loving?

One is Atomic Design. If you're a UX/UI designer, then this is definitely one that should be familiar with! It's a way to think about organizing elements in groups into product and product touch points.

What is your favorite app or tool you use now?

It's hard to choose when I have so many. One I am loving right now is app called Pixaloop, which is a fun way to animate photography. You can turn a static image into a loop, from things like clouds, water, or even fur on my cat.

What skills do you think it takes to be a creative director?

An eye for detail, flexibility and not getting married to one specific idea or concept. Nothing is too precious to get too hung up on. I believe design is a challenge and every project brings new unique challenges.

What's the difference between Graphic Design & UX and how did you get into User experience?

User experience is much like it sounds, user centric in reference to all interactions and flows. UX follows an overall strategy and consistency that creates visual ques which users can easily identify and follow as pattern created though a site experience.