Marketing Tips for the Travel Industry Company

At Traktek Partners, we are travel. Marketing a tour/travel business is a unique and often vexing experience for travel company executives. Fortunately, Traktek works with many travel industry companies to help them energize their web presence and brand across web, print, and mobile.

For instance, we recently overhauled one travel company website to be responsive and more graphically engaging. Our goal was to create a seamless user experience for their travelers.

Travel industry businesses face several unique challenges to attract and grow their business. Below are some of our recommendations to our travel industry clients when we work with them:

  1. Build a Responsive Website - a responsive website is critical to attracting travelers and winning business. Moreover, Google updated their search ranking algorithm in 2015 and non-responsive / non-mobile friendly websites are penalized in rankings (see Google FAQ here). You can test your website here.
  2. Continually Test Your Message –  whether creative, imagery, or video, it is critical to consistently test your message to your audiences. This will help you better understand what creative resonates best with your travelers and what content drives the best results.
  3. Master a Social Media Plan – get your most popular itineraries in front of travelers consistently through social media. Integrate your approach with a combination of Facebook and Twitter. For instance, if you are promoting specific itineraries, consider broad posts around the destination (i.e. festivals, attractions, etc.) on both your Facebook page and Twitter feed.
  4. Focus on Generating Positive Reviews – consider adding customer commentary/reviews to your website. Let your customers pitch your travelers where possible. The best sales pitches come from your satisfied customers.

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