To Optimize or Not to Optimize for Mobile, that is the Question

You have your website up, running, and optimized for search – fantastic! But is your website appropriately optimized for mobile? After all, an estimated 60% of traffic to the average website is from a mobile device.[1]

Ultimately then, proactive companies must consider how their website renders on a mobile device.

When designing your mobile optimized website, companies should avoid the following:

  • Blocked Javascript, CSS, and image files;
  • Unplayable content;
  • Faulty redirects;
  • Slow mobile pages; &
  • Full site labels.

In addition, companies must optimize their webpages for crawling and indexing with mobile in mind. Further, companies should both optimize page load speed for faster mobile site response and also design webpages with mobile user experience in mind.

For in-depth insight into these considerations, as well as a review of helpful resources and tools available to companies looking to develop mobile optimized sites, check out the Traktek Partners whitepaper entitled “SEO for Mobile Websites – May 2015” here.