Optimize your Website presence and Improve Accessibility

In today’s digital age, it’s hard to keep up with constantly updating your site with high-quality content. Now if you’re measuring what works and delivering a superior user experience at the same time, it’s not an easy task. With Traktek’s digital certainty index score, all of this work becomes manual and in turn, much easier to manage. We provide a subscription-based service that measures your site’s success and provide recommended fixes you should be making in accessibility, quality assurance, and SEO.


The website accessibility monitoring dashboard allows you to quantify performance measures using WCAG 2.0 as a standard. This also helps you comply with federal accessibility compliance regulations. Often the program is used as a tool for legal departments to validate that there is continuous improvements and efforts for websites to remain ADA compliant.

"With constantly changing standards and technology, companies are challenged with staying on top of website accessibility guidelines to remains compliant and to provide the best user experience to all visitors. We make it easy to understand your site vulnerabilities so that you know what to change to make the most impact on your website,"  comments Jennifer Phillips, VP Marketing and Client Services, Traktek Partners.

SEO and Quality Assurance

For SEO monitoring and improvements, you’e able to test your website instantly against 60+ SEO factors. You’ll be provided with recommended fixes to improve search engine optimization for your website. Not only do we let you know which issues have to be fixed, but we also provide level of difficulty, category (mobile, content, technical), and where it occurs on your website. As you begin to fix the flagged issues, you can see your digital certainty index score begin to increase. You’ll be able to stay ahead of the competition by knowing which areas of your website need attention first.

Quality Assurance

Website quality assurance is often overlooked, but extremely important for the health of your site overall. External links quickly become outdated, a typo can lead to a bad user experience to your visitors, and slow speeds can cause drop off. Wll analyze these and many other factors to provide recommended fixes that will quickly make an impact.

Our goal at Traktek Partners, a Boston website design and digital marketing agency, is to leverage the latest in web technologies and best practices for search engine optimization, web design and deploy brand rich experiences that will bring your company, products, and services to life. By unlocking insights into your content and analytics data, we can transfer the way you deliver your digital presence. Ask us how we can help improve user experience on your website today.

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