Three years at a digital marketing agency: What I’ve learned

Four years ago, you would have found me working in the marketing department of a large Law Firm in Charlotte, NC. Fast forward to 2020, and a lot has changed. I did some research on the top Boston digital marketing agencies and branding agencies in Boston, and I became interested in Traktek Partners, an agency that specializes in travel marketing, tourism marketing, & website development. Since starting at Traktek Partners in 2016, I’ve learned a lot about not only myself, but also what goes into working at a Marketing Agency.

Prioritization is key

Forget endlessly scrolling through Instagram all day, agency-life is fast paced. Juggling tasks and prioritizing is not only expected, but entirely necessary. You may have five different projects that are due at the end of the week, but prioritizing will help you keep you sane. Organization is also key. I make to-do lists, use Google Calendar, and write in ‘notes’ to help manage it all.

Each client is different

Clients are just people, and like people, each are different. Some clients may like to call you directly, while some prefer email. Some will prefer more contact than others, while others only want to chat every other day. Pay attention to each client’s preferences and habits and treat each on a case-by-case basis.

Google will be your best friend

In this role, it has been important to be resourceful. I’ve learned that usually the easiest and quickest way to figure something out is by Googling it. There’s so much out there - Youtube videos, blogs, Podcasts, and online courses to figure out pretty much anything and everything. Google and Pinterest have become my BFFs over the years. A lot of people underestimate Pinterest and think it’s just for recipes and travel, but it’s also a great platform for inspiration. Whether it be graphics, email templates, or blogs, Pinterest is a great platform to use in the marketing world.

Be cautious hiring friends and family

While it may seem tempting to call up a friend or family member when you’re in a bind for a quick hire, be cautious about it. Hiring friends or family can get tricky. Have them come in for an interview and meet the team. If you do decide to move forward with them, make sure to set expectations upfront.

Social media is growing

3.48 billion people now use social media, a 9% increase from last year with more than a million people joining daily. (Hootsuite). Not only is social media being used for fun, but it’s taking businesses by storm. Posting organically to social media channels is important, as is evaluating whether paid ads will be an effective source of leads for your business. Things such as the Facebook Pixel allows you to even re-target website visitors.

Don’t take it personal

Let’s say you wrote a blog and think it was great, but your boss hated it. Of course, you’d probably take offense (who wouldn’t?), but in the marketing world it’s important to let things roll off your shoulders. A client may disagree with your vision or design, but they may like your next suggestion. As stated above, each client is different and with that comes many differing opinions.