Why Should You Do an Internship At a Marketing Agency?

After finishing my first year at Stonehill College, I quickly began to realize that business, specifically marketing and economics, is where my passion lies. While internships aren’t required at Stonehill as a freshman, I knew that interning was a way to gain first-hand experience in order to see what a company is all about – in a way that you aren’t able to in a classroom setting.

At TrakTek I have written blogs, recorded data and edited and improved a variety of websites for several clients. In addition to the hands-on work, I have also observed how a business runs. There are meetings, phone calls, discussions, collaborations and new ideas that occur every day (it goes without saying that there is rarely a dull one!)

My favorite part of interning at TrakTek is writing blogs for vacationers who are looking to travel to Tenerife. Traktek is the official office of Representation in North America for Turismo de Tenerife. Essentially, they do the marketing for the Tenerife Tourism Board. I love writing because it’s similar to college work in a lot of ways. I also write for a school club - The Odyssey. While writing blogs require heavy research and creativity, I enjoy the challenge. In fact, it’s exciting combining facts with my own innovative ideas. Not to mention nothing beats the feeling after I see the blogs published on the website, making me even more excited for a future of marketing. I believe writing and research are two things I excel at and I’m glad my internship at TrakTek allowed me to apply these skills.

Not only have I gotten to observe how digital marketing works with a variety of companies, but have also grown my personal experience through seeing what actually goes behind creating and editing websites, emails and database lists. Being the marketing and social media representative on the executive board at Stonehill, I am now able to take this knowledge back with me. Traktek was the perfect company to gain real-world experience because the employees are open for questions at anytime, and always there with a helping hand. Interning at an agency like Traktek really has its perks – you’re not just a number. I’m looking forward to seeing where the marketing world takes me next!